Sep 8, 2015 |

Last weekend, the Club headed to Lake Chabot Golf Course in the hills above Oakland for the first ever RCGC tournament on the track.  After weeks of blazing hot weather in the Bay Area, the boys were in for a big surprise when they arrived at the course early Saturday morning.  The marine layer had … read more

NCGA Handicap Lookup

Aug 28, 2015 |

2015 Rasta Cup Pictures!

Aug 27, 2015 |

TEAM HANSEN Chris Hansen (Capt) Dave Cresson Doug Henry Eric Klein Keith Prader Neal Mirchandani Tony Chon Beni Fernandez (Capt’s pick) ——————————— TEAM STERBENC Chris Sterbenc (Capt) Bill Williams Didier Lasserre Ed Schultz Leonard Kuhnlein Mike Timper Tony Unti Luke Mangan (Capt’s pick)        


Aug 27, 2015 |

The Finals match for this year’s championship had all the earmarks of a battle for the ages.  In one corner we had Jeff “Rockin-moto” looking to back up his Tombstone victory with his second consecutive major of the season.  In the other corner we had “Billy Buzzsaw” Williams, fresh off of his impressive Rasta Cup … read more

2015 Gold Country Results (Kevin Shives)

Jun 23, 2015 |

DAY 1… I arrived an hour and half prior to tee time so I could enjoy a delicious Saddle Creek breakfast burrito, but thought for sure I was running late when I emerged from the clubhouse to see “All Natural” Hansen heading for the range.   Double checked my watch, my phone… both were in synch, … read more

2015 Schedule is up.

Feb 6, 2015 |

You can get to the 2015 schedule via the top links or you can click this link.

Hosel Snozzle

Aug 29, 2014 |

We have a new segment, lesson with Cresson.  In this first lesson, I am going back to the very first tip he gave me few years back. Since we spray our drives, half of the time, the ball ends in the rough.  This is where you would use this first tip.  Just remember “Hosel Snozzle”. … read more

2014 Net Club Championship

Aug 29, 2014 |

CRESSON PLAYS OUT OF HIS MIND FOR 36 HOLES AT THE NET CLUB!!! In what may well go down as the all-time greatest single day performance in Club history, perennial contender Dave “Cresson Wrench” lapped the field at San Juan Oaks to win this year’s Club Championship. Dave was hot right from the start with … read more

Rasta Cup 2014 Pics are available in the Gallery

Aug 21, 2014 |

I have added the 2014 Rasta Cup pictures in the Gallery. Here is the link to the Gallery.

Net Club Championship Sign-ups!

Aug 5, 2014 |

Rasta-men, Next up is the Club’s premier Major… the 22nd Annual Net Club Championship at San Juan Oaks in just a few weeks.  This is the single biggest pot of TPC points this season, so make sure to show up and get you share! Yes, it is once again time to sack up and battle … read more